The most fashionable lighting tools- OYD solar light manufacture

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The most fashionable lighting tools- OYD solar light manufacture


In our daily life, street lamps begin to illuminate us at night until dawn. But you know what? The power consumption of street lamps in the city is amazing! Assuming that the power consumption of a street lamp per hour is 250 watts, calculated by 0.6 yuan per kilowatt hour, it can save 0.3 yuan if it is less than 2 hours. Even if a street lamp is only on for 8 hours a day, the annual power consumption is also amazing. According to online data, urban street lighting accounts for 30% of China’s lighting power consumption, with an annual expenditure of 28.5 billion yuan. So I thought of solar water heaters. Since we can use solar energy to heat water, we can use solar energy to power the street lamps. The key question is how to convert solar energy into electric energy? The problem is very simple. During the day, solar panels are used to absorb the sunlight, convert the solar energy into electric energy, and put it into the storage battery.

At night, the electric energy in the battery will flow through the wire to the lamp cap and light the induction bulb. So how can we ensure that electricity can be correctly stored in the battery and that it can supply power to the induction bulb at night? After consulting experts, we understand that a charge and discharge controller is needed. It can not only make the battery work normally, but also prevent overcharging and deep charging of the battery, and play a protective role. In order to make the street lamp work better, there is usually a sensor that can detect the light Strength: control whether to turn on the street lamp and avoid turning on the street lamp when the light is strong. Such street lamps no longer occupy the current tense electric energy, but directly use solar energy, which is energy-saving and environmental friendly. It also does not need to lay cable, and saves some material costs and labor costs.

Each such street lamp is self-contained and will not be cut off in large areas due to line problems. At present, from the perspective of price alone, a solar street lamp seems to be more expensive than ordinary street lamps. However, after careful calculation based on various factors, it is obviously cost-effective to use solar street lamps for a long time. Moreover, the lamp pole and bracket can be designed according to the specific conditions of the environment, and the environment can be beautified after installation. It is believed that such street lamps, which can save energy and beautify the environment, will be welcomed by people and become the most fashionable lighting tools.

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